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  • Opera 101

    Too often, opera is viewed as elitist. But did you know the world’s most famous operas were written for the masses? Look at the story lines and it’s easy to see—man falls for woman, woman makes man jealous, man murders other man (often rather violently), you get the gist—not that different from today’s television dramas or blockbuster movies.

    Opera is simply the same types of stories, told through song. With spectacular staging, elaborate costuming, and soaring orchestral and vocal performances, it may well be that no other art rises to such a level in portraying the sheer power-and extreme frailty-of human emotion.

    The most famous operas were written in Europe and are sung in Italian, French or German. But believe us when we say You Will Get The Story. A plot summary is provided in the playbill, and because the story is acted-albeit without spoken words-you will be spellbound as the story unfolds.

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